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Despite living in a three dimensional world, our eyes view everything through a two dimensional image.  The light in front of us is pressed onto a flat surface, a simple plane of colors which we call “sight”.  Distance is an illusion and depth is a lie; only through size and movement can we truly tell how far something is.  But century after century of living with these eyes, living with these lies, has had us grown used to viewing our three dimensions with a dimension of missing information.

So, how would we see if our world was two dimensional?  Simple: we’d have only one dimension of sight.

Requires a mouse and keyboard to play.

Programming and visuals by winterbeak.  Audio by saiziju.

Source code can be found here.

The jam version was made in 48 hours for GMTK’s 2019 Game Jam: Only One, and contained only 9 levels.  The extended version was made after the jam, adding 21 levels and generally polishing up the experience.


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Sightline Jam Version 36 MB
Sightline Extended Version 9 MB

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Great game however the first level was more difficult then the second so maybe just make the 2nd level the first.

Great idea: I've been working on something similar lately, but you pulled it off better than I would, probably. In my prototype, however, I implemented fog (as is in Flatland) and I recommend you try it out, too: it's a great addition that gives depth without introducing an additional dimension.

The only other suggestion I have is supporting arrows to rotate the camera instead of only the mouse, since it's only 1D movement.

An elegant experience. The audio really enhances it too. I enjoyed this a lot!