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Really fun experience winterbeak, I greatly enjoyed it. Interesting how our mind can piece together where we are due to how quickly lines on the 1D plane shift and change

this game is awesome

I'm a cognitive scientist and studying the navigation strategy used by people in games similar in this one is a really interesting research on how we plan our movements to localize where we are on a map. really great game.


i wish there was more, i had a really great time playing this


Very clever little game, that's a question I was asking myself, how would a game as a 2D character with a 1D view feel like? Well you answered it !

Though it was really hard to percieve distance due to no lighting or depth perception (Because we have only one eye through a screen), I really liked it, and I liked how our brain becomes more used to it through the game!
Really smooth and polished audio and visual style, congrats!


Great game however the first level was more difficult then the second so maybe just make the 2nd level the first.

Great idea: I've been working on something similar lately, but you pulled it off better than I would, probably. In my prototype, however, I implemented fog (as is in Flatland) and I recommend you try it out, too: it's a great addition that gives depth without introducing an additional dimension.

The only other suggestion I have is supporting arrows to rotate the camera instead of only the mouse, since it's only 1D movement.


An elegant experience. The audio really enhances it too. I enjoyed this a lot!